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Consulting services: Empowering Your Hydrogen Journey

Navigating the complexities of hydrogen production requires precision, foresight, and expertise, especially during the crucial development stage of a project. Our specialised consulting services are designed to guide and support you through this critical phase, offering tailored solutions in hydrogen system sizing, renewable sizing, energy cost analysis, and strategic offtake planning. We analyse the unique benefits our system can deliver, ensuring a seamless alignment between your vision and the real-world application of hydrogen technology.

Whether you're at the initial concept stage or ready to finalise the design, our team's hands-on approach ensures that you have the insights and tools needed for successful development. From establishing cost-effective renewable energy integration to crafting a customised and sustainable hydrogen strategy, our consulting services are your partner in transforming ideas into innovative, efficient, and lucrative hydrogen projects. Contact us today contact@Vireo.Energy

System sizing

Considering your specific needs, we can advise on the optimal size of renewable energy sources, electrolysers and balance of plant.

Benifits of our system

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase ROI. Examine the benifits of using our system.

Energy cost analysis

Our in-depth energy cost analysis provides a clear view of hydrogen production costs using power purchase agreements, behind-the-meter renewables, and associated production, LCOH allowing you to identify potential savings for your project.

Offtake planning

We can determine the cost associated with different offtake commitments and the impact of renewable seasonality on your project. 

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