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Vireo Energy is a provider of a real-time supervisory control platform for green hydrogen production facilities. Our system applies cutting-edge digital twin technology and AI-driven forecasting to automate operations and cut the costs of green hydrogen, increase efficiency, manage offtake, and reduce membrane degradation.

Using live facility data we model the electrolyser and balance of plant to enhance operation, monitor facility’s emissions and profitability.

Our System

An image showing a purple high tech swirl

Hydrogen Production Control

Cutting Costs

Hydrogem Production Analytics

Data Driven Decisions

Vireo Energy's dashboard representing cloud implementation

Predicting the future to cut the costs of green hydrogen

Intelligent Control of Hydrogen Production

A high tech swirl in Vireo's company colours
A truck running on hydrogen

Reduce Carbon Emissions in Transportation

Global Export of Renewable Energy

A ship transporting green hydrogen to Japan and Korea

Enhanced Energy Storage Solutions

Supplying electricity using hydrogen

Low Carbon  Agriculture

Supplying agriculture with green hydrogen

Clean Heat for industry

Supplying industry with green hydrogen

Global Export of Renewable Energy

Supplying the chemical industry with green hydrogen

Hydrogen generated from renewable sources like solar and wind, is poised to help fulfil the world's future energy needs and help us achieve net zero emissions. Its applications span across transportation, industrial processes, and power generation.

Currently, green hydrogen is expensive due to the challenging economics, primarily because the costs and availability of renewable electricity. That's where Vireo steps in, utilising advanced software and control systems to help reduce the cost of green hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen

Vision and Values

A picture of the CEO, Dr Steven Percy
A textured picture of the Vireo Energy Logo, with a siemens electrolyser in the background

Dr Steven Percy

CEO and Founder


A map of the united states of america, in light blue

Europe →

A map of Europe, in light blue

Aus →

A map of Australia, in light blue

International Applications

Real time control room dashboard showing user using the computer

2/ Control

Forecasting green hydrogen, representing a solar and wind generator in the same picture
A green hydrogen transport tank, tube trailer truck being loaded with hydrogen

1/ Model Facility

An electrolyser, representing how Vireo Energy can control green hydrogen
A high tech swirl in Vireo's company colours
A picture of the CEO, Dr Steven Percy

Dr Steven Percy

CEO and Founder

Dr. Steven Percy has 15 years of experience in the energy sector, specialising in the hydrogen industry. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, and has held key roles at the Victorian Hydrogen Hub at Swinburne University, CSIRO, Victoria University, and IBM Research.


As a 2020 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, Dr. Percy has built impactful international partnerships, advancing global hydrogen research. His extensive experience and leadership make him a recognised authority in the field, driving innovation in the energy sector.

Now leading Vireo Energy, he is dedicated to advancing the industry with cutting-edge technology.

Vision and Values

Vireo Energy is a Company Located in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on providing digital technology to support the renewable and hydrogen industry.


We believe that solar, wind, and hydrogen power can drive a sustainable future and help mitigate climate change. By using our technology to reduce the cost of hydrogen, and enhancing the operation of clean tech we help to make these industries more profitable, promoting investment in the industry, and aiding in the decarbonisation of the world.

People First

Our customers are central to everything we do. We work to understand their needs and deliver hydrogen solutions that support their unique project requirements.


We build transparent and reliable relationships with our customers, partners, and collaborators, ensuring confidence in our hydrogen solutions.

Innovation and Agility

In a rapidly changing industry, we adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities, staying at the forefront of hydrogen energy solutions and our customers needs.

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